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This is a soul eater fancomic In Death City, a new generation begins with Death the Kid leading the way. Danni Evans is trying to make her mom proud by continuing the Kami Code and making her partner Freak Dante into a death scythe. But it won't be easy. Not when Freak repeats Soul's mistake and eats 99 kishin souls and one cat soul, this time a little guy named Saber. Then there's Death the Chick and her partner Darren Nygus. She also has a problem. She's inherited her mother's sword Ragnarok and his black blood. Can she become a shinigami when she has black blood?

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Yomi GorgonEdit

Yomi is Chick when she is consumed by the black blood but is also Chick's verison of Soul's little demon. Inside Chick's head, Yomi has red eyes with two lines inside like Kid's with white hair and 3 black sanzu lines. When Chick is consumed, Chick looks like the most well known version of herself (which is a genderbended Death the Kid) but her outfit more reflects Medusa, her grandmother.

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